Juat a few transformations, changes, and victories since I began my journey with Beachbody and drinking Shakeology: Whiter teeth Flatter stomachLess bloating More defined muscle tone Feeling more confident in my appearanceLess stiff joints Less stomach painLess gas Improved regularity Fewer migraines Less acid refluxLess fatigue Improved circulationLess shoulder/back/knee pain Improved medical symptoms Eliminated medicationLess anxiety Less stressImproved mental health Fewer sugar cravings Improved body image & self esteemHealthier relationship with food Practicing mindful eating Learning to read labelsNo longer a slave to sugar Fewer cravingsMore nutrition Improved attention spanImproved memory Think more clearly Sleeping better Awake more refreshedEnergy level higher and more evenMore energy in the morningNo mid day slumpNo more need for sugar or caffeine Consistently exercising More coordinatedBetter balancedMeal Planning/preppingMade new like minded friends who support my lifestyle Maximizing my food BudgetSpend less time and money on the doctor……Just a few 😁 #beachbody #whatablessing #gethealthynow 


Its not a diet, its a lifestyle. Simply eating healthier everyday makes a HUGE difference! Do I still enjoy pizza, cookies, and cupcakes? Really? Of course! Just more of a balance and more GOOD food! Beachbody and Shakeology has really helped me get myself together and having a “job” helping others do the same, well that’s definitely a bonus! IF YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT I DO COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME 😊#beachbodycoach #workoutathome #girlbossinit #Godissogood #blessedbeyondmeasure

As some of you know I’ve recently started a journey to eat healthier and workout at home, and I’m super excited to participate in our next FREE group, Mason Jars & Muscles!  If you want to learn more about clean eating and have or can get some mason jars, join me next week for a FREE 5 Day Nutrition and Fitness Group.  Lots of great recipes, including tips to plan and prep to make your week go smoothly and so you can feed your family food you will fell good about!Just comment below or message me and I can add you to our group.